replacement windows in Portland, OR

Advantages Of Replacement Window Upgrades

When your home is ready for replacement windows in Portland, OR, make no mistake, standard windows today are high in quality. They are going to be much stronger and more efficient than the windows you have on your house now. However, there are upgrades you can add to those windows that will make them even better and possibly even closer to meeting or exceeding any goals you might have for your home. While upgrades aren’t required, they bring a lot of advantages to them. Here are a few such benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Is there ever such a thing as a house that is too energy efficient? Not likely. If you want as much efficiency as you can get in your home, adding one or more upgrades to your house is a good idea. Pretty much any upgrade is going to bring more efficiency to your home. If you can only afford one, talk to the professionals about which upgrade suits your home’s needs the best and will bring the most efficiency for your situation. Any of them can lower your energy bills, but one might work even better than another because of the way your home is set up.


When you get new windows installed onto your home, the value of the home is going to take a big jump. If you sell in the future, the home will be worth more than it was before and that means you’ll probably get a bigger price on the home in a sale, these are some of the basics of replacement window companies. Plus, the home looks great so you will likely sell it faster and have more interest in it once you put it on the market. What can raise the value of those windows and the home as a whole even more? Upgrades. Any upgrade you put onto the windows is going to cost more, but it will also bring more value to the windows and, by extension, your home.

replacement windows in Portland OR


There’s something to be said about comfort in your home. It’s what you deserve as the homeowner. And while new windows are a good start at achieving that comfort, certain upgrades can take things even further. For example, triple pane glass cuts back on noise pollution so the interior of your home can be nice and quiet. Low-E glass coatings can take the heat from the sun coming into your home. You get the light you want, but none of the extra heat that can come with it. And both upgrades help with efficiency, too.

There are lots of things to consider when you are ready for replacement windows in Portland, OR, including what upgrades you might want to get. If standard windows are all you can afford, you’re still doing a great thing for your home. But if you can get one or more upgrades, the professionals at Advanced Energy Services can talk you through the options, let you in on what they do, and recommend certain choices for your house based on your setup and goals for the property.

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