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Does Replacing Old Windows Add To My Home?

Yes! New Windows Will Increase Your Home Value

A question that a lot of people have is, “Does replace old windows add to my home?” That’s a very good question and we get it a lot. As you would imagine, adding any new major component such as heating and air conditioning, roofing, windows and other remodel such as solar panels will increase the value of your home, but with Windows, there are many factors to consider. 

4 Factors to Consider Before Installing

The number one most important thing to consider is what type of window you choose. Choosing a reputable Portland window company would be the best place to start. Beyond just the manufacturer you will want to be very careful to choose a window that has an excellent warranty program. 

1) Quality of Window Manufacturer

Most Windows today, come with a lifetime part and labor warranty. But just as important as the warranty are the people behind it of course. A manufacturer like Milgard Windows who have been around for over 40 years and control a large percentage of the marketplace should be around to take care of your needs for any warranty service that may come in the future. S again, choose a manufacturer that will be around to take care of your warranty issues. 

2) Price of Window Installation

Another critical component to the value of the windows in your home will be how much you pay for them. Prices vary quite a bit among many companies that are out there to service your needs. So it helps to know the proper way of shopping for replacement windows and have an idea of what the average cost for window installation in your geographic region is, as prices Nationwide vary based on many factors.

According to data that is available from realtors, you should expect to recover 92 to 95% of what you pay for the new window installation in your home. Now there are many advantages of window installation other than just the dollar value that is added to your home from a new window installation. As most people focus on the financial end of it, they also lose track of how much more comfortable their home will be. It is not uncommon to find utility bills that will be lowered by 20 to 40% on an annual basis with the installation of new high-performance windows.

3) Non-Monetary Factors to Keep in Mind

Your home will also feel less drafty and much more comfortable in general. And surprisingly, one of the number one benefits that I hear from most homeowners that is unexpected by them, is the great noise reduction level that was achieved by the installation of new windows. Complaints, like” we can’t hear the birds anymore” are quite common. And that’s a complaint that most contractors would be happy to hear. 

4) Experience of Window Installation Company

I recommend after you’ve checked out references and got multiple prices that fit the type of window you want installed to be very cautious not to go with the lowest price you find. As the old saying goes,” you get what you pay for”. I recommend choosing to do business with medium-sized companies that have a good track record of performance and verifiable installations that you can speak with the customers that have used their service. Not to say that larger companies are a bad choice but larger companies have much more overhead and generally, their prices are going to be higher than the market average. 

Those are just some of the items that you’d want to factor into your window purchase I’d like to add that I think it is very important to be super comfortable with the people that you are going to have in your home, installing new windows. and to that point, just use your common sense. As you’re interviewing potential companies if you’re not comfortable with the first person you meet or talk to from a particular company that is usually a good indicator of what is likely to come after that. 


In summary, if you choose the right manufacturer and installation company, installing new windows in your home will be an excellent investment that will easily pay for itself in energy savings and added value to your home. 

At Advanced Energy Services, we provide window replacement services throughout the Portland, Oregon area and beyond. We work closely with our customers, at their own pace, to turn their home window projects into a reality at an affordable price. Schedule your free consultation with us today or give us a call to get started now! 

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