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Reduce your energy bills with new energy efficient windows.
As a Milgard® Certified Dealer, our windows add character to homes and help shelter families from the elements while allowing the sun to shine through their clear glass panes. We offer affordable home window replacement solutions for any occasion. And with generous Energy Trust of Oregon window rebates, you can save even more money.

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MILGARD Certified Dealer Logo 2023 RGB 150x150 Here are just some of the window projects we can help you with: By establishing a home’s style windows enhance its principal architectural details. New window installation and window replacements will beautify your home and make it more energy-efficient saving you money.

5 Elements of New Windows to Consider

  1. Energy Efficiency Ratings
  2. Frame Material (Vinyl, Fiberglass, Wood, Aluminum)
  3. Functionality
  4. Dual Pane vs Triple Pane
  5. Style
If your utility bill keeps crawling up season after season that’s a tell-tale sign that your type of windows aren’t energy efficient. Replacing old existing windows with new windows can reduce your monthly bills and keep your home temperature steady.

9 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Windows

If the windows in your home are showing any of the below signs of severe wear and decay it’s time to choose new windows to replace your existing ones or that fit into your renovation plans.
  1. Drafty and cold in the winter
  2. Summer heat build up (greenhouse effect)
  3. Damaged or rotten wood frames
  4. Failed seals or leaking weather stripping
  5. Broken glass or torn screens
  6. Defective/damaged latches or locks
  7. Signs of moisture or mold in-between the panes
  8. Painted shut or difficult to open
  9. Windows that have been painted with lead-based paint found in homes built before 1978

Professional Window Installation and Replacement in Portland, OR

Our experienced home window replacement crews are sure to keep your home clean and protected during the installation process. We’ll lay down drop cloths to protect the areas around the removal of each window both inside and outside of your home.

As the crew progresses with the removal of the casings and windows, they’ll assess if there is any damage around the openings left by old defective windows repairing the damage, if necessary before the new window is installed.

To complete the new window replacement, the exterior trim for the window will be mounted and sealed. The trim ensures a close-fitting seal to keep the weather and leaks out. Our window installers will vacuum the area around your windows and clean up your home thoroughly leaving it better than we arrived.

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