replacement windows in Tigard, OR

Replacement Windows And Treatments At Once

When you feel that your old windows are no longer functioning well, it might be time for replacement windows in Tigard, OR. If your window treatments are just as old as the windows, it might be time to replace those as well. Some homeowners like taking both projects on at once and it really does make sense. When you make the window choices and get the order in, you have to take the window coverings down in order to get the new windows installed. So it’s a good idea to get the new treatments put up at that time anyway. Here are a few things to consider as you look at both the new windows and the new treatments to go over them.

Colors And Styles

If you are getting a new window color, or at least considering it, you are going to need to think about how that will impact the style of your home and what you want for your window treatments. One you choose a frame color, you will want to take any window covering samples you are considering and look at them not only in your home, but also with the sample of the window colors. You will want everything to go well together and it’s easy enough to coordinate when you look at it all together.

Energy Efficiency

Any windows you get are going to be more efficient than what you had on your house before, so that’s great. But you might have added special upgrades to make them work even better. If efficiency is that important to you, it might be wise to look into window coverings that can double up on that goal and give you even more efficiency. Rather than get a standard blind, you might get shades that have a honeycomb design and can trap air and give you home even more efficiency than you were going to get with the new windows as it is.

replacement windows in Tigard OR

The Overall Budget

How much money do you have in the budget for the overall project? Are you starting with windows and then moving to treatments? It might be a good idea to separate the budgets, so you don’t spend everything you have on windows and then you don’t have anything left to cover them. If you have extra in the replacement window budget, you can always move it over to the window treatments later. But you need to separate those budgets to make sure you can cover both before you move forward.

As you work with the professionals on replacement windows in Tigard, OR, keep your eye on the finished look you want and work toward getting new window coverings as well. You can end up with results that make the home look fresh and new inside and out with a brand-new style and lots of other advantages. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to help you get the windows you want to start your home off in that fresh, new direction.

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