3 Ways that Replacement Windows and Doors in Portland, OR Can Improve Your Home

Milgard Windows Doors of NW Oregon 12 300x200Unless we encounter a problem, most of us rarely think about our windows and doors. We use and depend on them daily in our modern way of life to help us shelter from nature and the elements. They help us to protect our loved ones and possessions. They provide easy access to come and go, and allow sunlight in and visibility out. But daily use, time, and exposure will eventually wear these products out. When that happens, it may be time to install replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR

When that day comes, what should you be looking for? Advancements in the industry have created phenomenal product offerings with more benefits than you can imagine. At the same time, there is hype and slick marketing of products that are lower in quality but higher in cost. How can you tell what is worth your time and money? 

Fortunately, some seasoned professionals understand the technical aspects of modern windows and doors. Advanced Energy Services provides expertise and personalized guidance to every customer that comes to us. We understand the ins and outs of this business, including what to look for and how to avoid the industry pitfalls. If you’re in the market for replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR, we can help. 

But before you head out to shop for residential window replacement or a new entry door, there are some basic things you should understand about today’s offered products. Keep the following in mind as you begin searching for the best products for you:

  1. Energy Efficiency

In the early 1990s, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy initiated a new program called Energy Star. This program encourages windows and door manufacturers to create quality products that are energy efficient. By avoiding waste, we conserve and wisely use the resources that we have, as well as help to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. 

Manufacturers that participate in the Energy Star program voluntarily submit their products for testing. Products are then rated for their efficiency, making it easy for consumers to discern which products perform better than others. You can look for the blue Energy Star label as you shop, and compare ratings of various products you may be interested in purchasing. 

Installing higher efficiency products will save monthly energy use in your home, which will lower your monthly utility bills. When the whole home is upgraded, savings can be as much as 25% each month. Other benefits include a more consistent internal climate. Your HVAC unit will work less to maintain the temperature, meaning less wear and tear and resulting maintenance and repair costs. 

  1. Quality and Price

Price is not a good way to judge quality in this industry, so don’t strictly rely on the price tag to inform you about what you’re buying. There are varying prices to meet every budget need, be sure you consult with a trusted expert to help you find quality products at a fair price. The goal is to maximize the value of your purchase with the financial resources you wish to spend. 

Too often, people buy windows from a big-box retailer or a discount outlet without really understanding what they are getting for their dollars spent. The sad truth is that with so many products available at prices across the spectrum, it’s easy to buy products that don’t live up to their claims. As a homeowner, regret of this kind can be bitter to swallow. Do yourself a favor and work with an established, trustworthy professional such as Advanced Energy Services to help you find good quality products that will last for decades to come.

  1. Installation as a Priority

When buying new windows and doors, it may be tempting to try to save money by hiring an outside contractor to install them in your home. This could work out fine, but it depends on who you hire to install them. What you want to avoid is hiring a cut-rate contractor that can slap your new windows and doors in place and walk away without a second thought. 

These days, windows and doors are designed and fabricated for performance, and the installation is an integral part of whether they will perform or not. Installers may need to be certified by brand manufacturers for their window installations. You could void your warranty if the installer is not qualified to handle it. 

Consultation for Replacement Windows and Doors in Portland, OR

Not sure exactly what you need? Contact Advanced Energy Services for a friendly conversation with a professional. We’ll come to your home at a convenient time to consult with you about possible replacement windows and doors in Portland, OR that will meet your needs. We are a Milgard products dealer located at 9150 SW Pioneer Ct Ste D Wilsonville, OR 97070. Call today to get started: (503) 563-6866.

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