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Window Replacement: The Right Expectations

There are lots of places in your life where you might have expectations. Perhaps you planned the perfect picnic for your family and then it rains. You expected a nice, fun day and instead, everything went downhill. When you get replacement windows in Portland, you certainly don’t want to be disappointed with the final result. You can avoid that disappointment in two ways. First, you can be very careful about the windows you get so you are sure you get the right products for your home. Second, you can set your expectations right so you don’t expect things the windows can’t really do. Here are a few of the right (and wrong) expectations to help you get on the right track.

Expect Better (Not Perfect) Energy Efficiency

No matter what new windows you get, even if they are standards without any upgrades, you will get better energy efficiency in your house than you had before. That means you will have better comfort, lower energy bills, and other such benefits. However, you can’t expect the energy efficiency in your house to be absolutely perfect. There are other factors in your home that can take away from energy efficiency, like doors, poor attic insulation, and old appliances. While new windows will make a bigger difference than any other change, they can’t perfect the energy efficiency in your home that other things might impact.

Expect A Fresh (Not Perfect) Look

Any replacement windows will help you get a new, fresh look at your home. However, they can’t make every detail of your home look new again. For example, when you put new windows in, the windows will look great and possibly catch the eye. But they can’t make the siding look better if it’s peeling and fading. Inside, they can bring more natural light into the home, but they can’t fix how a room looks if there’s too much clutter or old window coverings over them. You’ll get a new, fresh look, but new windows won’t perfect every appearance aspect in a space.

Expect Better (Not Guaranteed) Safety

When you get your new windows, your home has an upgraded level of safety. New windows are harder, if not impossible, to pry open. They are also much harder to break. That’s good to combat intruders, but it’s also good to go against accidents in the home. The kids won’t be in nearly as much trouble throwing a ball if they don’t break any glass, right? But your new windows are not going to help your safety all that much if you don’t lock them. And there are other ways to get into your home—like the doors. If those things are updated, your safety is still in question.

When you work on replacement windows in Portland, the professionals at Advanced Energy Services will help you get what you need to meet your home’s needs, your goals, and your budget. But you also need to set your window replacement expectations to the right level in order to get the best results.

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