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Older Windows Bring Older Problems

As you age, you are going to notice your body changing. It’s not always good, but there’s not much you can do about it other than eat in a healthy manner and exercise to keep up with the times. But there are things in your house that are aging as well. The good news is that you can stop aging there in its tracks. When you have old windows that are bringing a lot of problems to your house, you can get replacement windows in Portland, OR. Here are some problems you may see with your windows as they age.


If you have wood windows, you know they insulate the house well. But maintenance is the key to keeping these windows in good shape. Whether you’ve let things go, or previous owners did, the wood can sag and warp over time. Even if you kept up with maintenance, that can eventually happen. When you notice that your windows are hard to open and close, it could be because the frames have warped over time. And you know that there are issues when you can visibly see the windows sagging when you look at them from inside or outside. That’s an issue that just can’t be fixed unless you replace the windows with something new.

Leaks And Air Drafts

As your windows age, you might notice more air leaks and drafts in your house. For a while, you can combat those leaks with new caulking around the windows. But eventually, the holes they allow are going to be too big to fill with anything other than new windows. You might feel the drafts, or you at least know they’re there because you can’t keep temperatures even and your energy bills are climbing. When that happens, new windows are in order.

Poor Visibility

You know that condensation can happen on windows, but if you notice it between the panes of glass on old, double pane windows, or if there’s fog between the glass panes, that’s not a good sign. You won’t be able to see out, which is one of the key things about having windows in the first place. Getting new windows will give you a clear view of anything you want to see outside of your home.

More Repairs

You want to keep your windows in good shape for as long as possible, but as they age, you might notice more needs for repairs. You’ll have to buy a part here and a part there and sometimes, those parts might not be easy to find. As windows go out of style, it gets easier to replace them than to repair them all the time—especially when parts are hard or impossible to find.

If you’d like to look into getting replacement windows in Portland, OR to take over the job your old windows aren’t doing very well, the professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to talk to you about the options and details you will need to consider to get started in the right direction.

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