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Window Casings

Casings are decorative moldings that go around the sides and tops of a window frame, jamb, or wall. Although it exists to improve the aesthetics of your windows replacement in, Tualatin, OR, window casing also serves a vital practical purpose. They are installed on the exterior of your property to help seal out outside air and avoid drafts, so be sure it is properly and completely installed.

There are numerous casing window styles to pick from, and we’ve highlighted some of the most common below:

Complete Casing

Your window is completely surrounded with casing on all four sides. This type can be customized to match the decor of your home, whether it is modern or more traditional. The casing can also be done in layers to achieve a more intricate impression.

Low Profile Casing

Low-profile casing is a more straightforward kind of window casing. Instead of operating as a more ornamental element, low profile casing is a more utilitarian choice without the look of the trim. Low profile casing doesn’t cover the four sides of the window, instead, it is hidden on the inside section of the window frame. If you want your windows to integrate into the interior design of your home, low profile casing is the way to go.

High Profile Casing

Choose a high-profile option if you want your window casing to make a statement and add additional beauty to your walls. This can imply anything from more layering in your casing, to specific details applied upon request. High profile casing is a simple method to liven up your home while drawing attention to your windows.Windows Replacement in Tualatin OR

Traditional Casing

Traditional casing, like low profile casing, is a simple style that is intended to fit into the walls of your home. Traditional casing, on the other hand, is installed on the outside of your window frame rather than the inside. The traditional casing has straight lines and a sleek clean design without the extra look of layers and decoration.

Casing and additional molding surrounding your window can be left white to retain a clean, fresh appearance, but some homeowners choose to paint the window casing and additional molding to create a dramatic effect. A dark window casing can enhance the appearance and feel of a modern or industrial-style home. Painted casings and rims to match a wall or accent color are ideal for a Victorian-style home or beach cottage.

Whether you choose to install a picture window, a double hung window, or a bay window, you must choose the type of window casing to complete the task. This article will assist you in determining which type of window casing is best for your property.

Experts for window replacement in Tualatin, OR can assist you in selecting the best style of the casing for your unique windows and ensuring that it is properly installed.

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