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Bathroom Lighting Ideas For The Modern Home

Each room of your house is unique and when it comes to lighting, the bathroom is one that has special needs. You are going to want to think very carefully about the space, whether you are looking at replacement windows in Portland, OR, fixtures, overhead lighting, and other options. Here are a few ideas to consider when you are lighting your bathroom so you can get all of the right ingredients for that room.

Choose The Vanity Fixtures With Care

One of the things most people like to have in the bathroom is lighting around the vanity. That might mean fixtures above the mirror, items on either side of the mirror, or both. When you look at lighting fixtures, it’s a good idea to check out how they look with the décor you have in that space, but also how much light they put out. You don’t want anything dim or that takes bulbs that are going to put out a small amount of light. It’s nice to choose the vanity options with great care.

Overhead Lighting Is Important

You are going to want lights that hit you in certain ways and overhead lighting could be very important to you. There are plenty of overhead lights that are available. When you walk into the bathroom, the light switch you hit might turn on those overhead lights. Those lights help you to see the space overall, but may not provide direct lighting, like fixtures around the vanity will. You may want both in order to get the right lighting for the right times of the day.

Consider Shower Lighting

Showers can be dark corners of the bathroom and you may want more lighting there than the bathroom allows. Instead of dealing with it, you can put an overhead light directly above that space, perhaps, or other lights around that unit so you are able to get just what you want in that portion of the room.

Natural Lighting From Windows OR Skylightsreplacement windows in Portland OR 9 1 300x200

Natural lighting can also be very important to you as you look forward to using that bathroom space. You can get natural light from skylights, which can add to the overhead lighting, or from windows. Skylights are a great option for a bathroom because you are able to bring light in from overhead, but you keep the privacy you need in that space intact. Windows are also a good option. You can place sliding windows high up on the wall so you are able to bring light in and still have privacy. But you can place windows anywhere and cover them as needed to get the lighting you want in this room of the house.

If you are in the market for replacement windows in Portland, OR, it’s important to think about the lighting you want in any room that has new windows in store for it. The bathroom needs a lot of different lights and natural lighting is always going to be important to the way the space looks and feels.

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