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Will Replacement Windows Sell Your House?

Put yourself in a home buyer’s shoes. If you are looking at homes and you see two homes that have nearly the same features, how do you choose between the two? Perhaps the square footage, number of rooms, neighborhood, and many other details are the same. But say one has old, shabby windows that leak air and the other has replacement windows in Wilsonville, OR. Now, which one would you choose? Pretty much any home buyer will pick the home with new windows. While new windows can’t guarantee a home sale, they can make your chances a lot better. Homes with new windows tend to sell faster and for more money than homes with older windows. Here are a few reasons why replacement windows can, indeed, lead you to a home sale in the future.

They Bring Lower Energy Bills

Buyers that are serious about your home are going to want all of the details. Not only are they going to want to know what trash companies service the area, how much the property taxes are, and what school district you’re in, but they’re also going to want to see energy bills so they know what to expect there. When you show them nice, low energy bills, they will be excited about what they can save and that will give them positive thoughts towards your home.

They Guarantee Longevity

While some buyers are looking for homes with lots of projects they can take on, most people want something more turn key. They want a home that is already set up so they can just move in and start to enjoy their new life. When you have new windows on your home, buyers know that that’s one project they won’t have to take on themselves for decades, if ever. That guarantees them that they won’t have to put more money into the house in that way any time soon.

They Simply Look Good

The key to a home sale is getting a buyer to look into the details of your house and fall in love. If you don’t have a good curb appeal and if your house doesn’t look good in pictures or in person from the outside, people are less likely to come in and look around at the details. New windows will make your home look new and fresh from the outside and that appearance translates through to the inside of the house as well. They will entice people to visit your home and look into the interior, which will help them move closer to buying the house.

If you are willing to get replacement windows in Wilsonville, OR before you place your home on the market, the sale might go better for you. Your home will look nicer and have features that draw buyers in so they are more likely to make an offer faster so they don’t miss out. Invite the professionals at Advanced Energy Services to your home for a free consultation and go from there.

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