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Things Installers Can See That Stop Installation

When you are ready for replacement windows in Tualatin, OR, it is very exciting to get to the installation part of the process. When you are ready for installation, that means you have chosen the windows you want for your home. You have likely spent a lot of time and effort on the process, thinking over what you want and lining things up. Once you have all that ready, you’ll probably be ready to start enjoying the benefits the new windows will bring. While the installation process usually goes seamlessly, there are things that installers might see that they can’t predict before the installation begins. These things can stop the installation process and prolong things a bit because they cause other problems that need to be addressed first. Here are a few things the installers might see that slow things down.

Rot In The Home’s Frame

You might know that your windows are rotting. Once rot settles in, there’s no getting rid of it. You have to replace the windows to slow and stop the rotting process—and you should. But the installers aren’t going to know whether or not the rot is bad enough that it has spread to other parts behind the windows until they take the old window out. If they see that there’s rot in the wood around the windows, supporting them, those boards are going to have to be replaced before a new window can safely go in. That can push the installation process back.

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Mold Between The Window Spaces

One of the reasons you might want new windows is because you see mold growing on the windows. While you can remove the mold, if the windows are leaking air and water, it might grow again and that can be a real pain. When you replace the windows, the installers will take the old windows out, but they might notice that there is mold in the space left behind where the old window used to be. That mold needs to be sufficiently cleaned out and eradicated before the new window goes in or it might continue to grow unseen. Installation of that window will have to stop until the mold is cleaned up and completely dried out so there isn’t any danger that you can’t see once the new window goes in.

There are, of course, other things that can stall replacement windows in Tualatin, OR when the installation process is beginning, but don’t worry about that upfront. With any luck, the installation will go smoothly and you won’t have to think about any of these repairs. But when you hire Advanced Energy Services for the installation process, you have professionals on your hands that are trained to notice if there’s anything wrong while they work on the installation. You want them to bring these things up so you can fix them before the new windows go in and larger problems arise later on. With their keen eye and professionalism, you get what you need.

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