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Getting Replacement Windows While You Are Away

When you put time and effort into finding just the right replacement windows in Portland, OR, when the installation process comes along, you want that to go well, too. You for sure want to hire professional installers to make sure that part of the project goes smoothly. The installation is just as important as the windows you have chosen. In order to get the performance, the windows have promised, they need proper installation, and you can only get that if you are able to have professional installation. But what if you travel for work or a family emergency comes up and you have to go away because of that? It’s possible to get replacement windows installed while you are away, but you might want to keep these tips in mind.

Leave A Pre-Installation List

If you had to leave before you were able to get the home ready for the installation, leave the list the installers gave to you behind and ask a friend, family member, or good neighbor to complete for you. They will need to do things like take down the window coverings, remove pictures from walls, and get furniture away from the window areas. If you aren’t able to do that yourself before you go, make sure there’s someone else that can do it for you.

Line Someone Up To Let Them In

At the very least, the installers will need access to your home. Have a neighbor or a friend let them into your house at the right time so they can get to work. They have to be able to get in or the work isn’t going to get done and if you aren’t there, someone else has to see to that job.

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Assign A Point Person

If you are dealing with a family emergency, you might not be able to get to the phone if the installers need you. Give the installers a phone number for a person close by that they can call in case they need anything or have questions. Or, if you know someone in the area that works from home, maybe ask them to work from your home for the day in case the installers need anything while they are working.

It can be harder to get your replacement windows in Portland, OR installed if you are away from the area, but it’s not impossible. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services know that you want your new windows installed as soon as possible and if you have the installation scheduled, but get called out of town, things can still proceed if you are able to make arrangements on your end. We are happy to answer questions about the installation so you can prepare in advance and once things are in place, you can call us again after things are installed to ask any questions you have or go over maintenance tips or anything else you need. We don’t want you to have to put things off if you are ready for the installation to proceed.

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