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Replacement Windows And Your Pets

Do your pets really care what replacement windows in Tualatin, OR you get for the home? No, not really, but you care about your pets and you want the best for them. Since they are in your life and a part of your family, it makes sense to think about them, at least a little, when you are getting new windows. Here are a few things to consider.

More Light For Sunning

Most dogs and cats adore the afternoon sun. They find a sunny spot on the floor, lay down, and they’re out. They bask in that sunlight. You want them to have that light in certain rooms of the house so putting in windows that will bring in the light is nice for them and everyone else in the house. Rooms with more light feel later, more open, and more welcoming. They are also definitely more welcoming to a pet who likes to take naps in the sun.

Safety Elements On Second Floors

Just like with a child, you don’t want your windows to endanger your pets. If they are too curious for their own good and you worry that they might fly out an open upstairs window trying to get a bird or squirrel they see, having double hung windows upstairs can help. You can open the top part of the window so the air comes in, but there’s no danger of a furry friend diving out.

Coverings Without Cords

A lot of homeowners replace their window coverings when they get new windows because they have to take the old coverings down and they don’t want something old and worn to take away from the new windows. When you are in search of the right coverings, consider anything without a cord. That might mean motorized blinds or shades or even stylish window shutters. Pets and children alike can get tangled in cords and that can be dangerous.

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On Installation Day

Any pet can be afraid when there’s a lot of noise happening in their house. IT’s best to find somewhere else for your pet to be while the installation is taking place. IF you can’t, however, try and put them in a small, interior room without windows, like the utility room or the laundry room. They will feel safer and more secure amongst the noise and the smell of strangers.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you are getting replacement windows in Tualatin, OR, and also have pets in your household. Your pets will enjoy energy efficiency as well and when you have lower energy bills, you can spend more money on treats, which will make them even happier. Plus, you don’t have to paint and scrape the windows on the weekends so you can spend more time on walks and playing fetch. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services will help you think of every detail you need to incorporate for your home, your family, your budget, and, yes, your pets. Give us a call to get started.

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