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Modern Replacement Windows

In the past, most replacement windows in Tigard, OR were made from wood materials. Any vinyl windows were white. And there were certain styles and hardware that were popular and in play as well. But things are different today. Vinyl is now the most popular window material on the market. Here are a few other things you will find in new windows today that make them modern and popular in the culture of right now.

Variety Is King

No two people are alike—no two houses are identical. So no two replacement window jobs should be the same, either. In past years, vinyl windows meant getting white windows installed. While white is still the most popular color, there are a lot of other color options as well. Black is another popular color and some people like to blend their window colors into their home colors.

Style Makes A Difference

Double hung windows were a popular style in the past and they are still huge today. But some modern homes feature styles, like casement windows, that allow in more ventilation and more light all at the same time. They also give homeowners a better view of whatever they have outside their homes.

Budget-Friendly Options

New windows are an investment, there’s no getting around that. But there are budget-friendly options, like vinyl materials, that allow homeowners to get what they want and need without breaking the bank. IT’s very popular to go with quality windows that cost less. And vinyl may be less expensive, but it is far from cheap. In fact, it’s the highest in quality on the market today.

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High Efficiency Upgrades

Modern windows are all competing to be the most efficient. Even getting standard windows today means you are getting something efficient as they come with double pane glass and technological advancements. But homeowners often don’t want standard and instead want to upgrade as much as they can to get as efficient as possible. That means inspecting things like low-E coatings for the glass, triple pane glass instead of double pane, and inert gas fillings between the panes. The more efficient the window, the better the resale value on the home and there are many other benefits in the meantime.

If you want your home to be modern, at least where the replacement windows in Tigard, OR are concerned, contact the professionals at Advanced Energy Services. We carry many different window materials and styles and we are here to help you get the look and feel you want for your home at a price you can afford. We understand that you likely have a budget in mind for this project and when you let us in on those parameters, we can help you stay comfortable within them. We will show you ratings labels and describe what they mean so you are able to figure out what’s best for your home based on real numbers and not just guesses.

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