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Preventing Accidents Around Replacement Windows

There’s no way you can prevent everything from happening, but if you can keep your family and your replacement windows in Tigard, OR safe, you will. There are certain things you can do around your new windows to keep them from being damaged. You would hate to have something happen to them so soon after installation and, of course, you never want anything to happen to your family. Here are a few ways you can prevent accidents around those new windows.

Do You Get The Right Windows In The First Place?

A great way to prevent accidents around your new windows is to get the right windows in the first place. Either you are using such as vinyl windows, double-hung windows, or wood windows. That might mean casement windows on the second story, for example, so you can open the window. No kids or pets are in danger of falling out the window when they see a bird. Thinking about safety elements when you choose your windows in the first place is going to help you to prevent accidents later.

Do You Choose The Right Coverings?

Many homeowners like to get new window coverings when they install new windows so the look and style are a complete package. When you get new windows, choose the right window coverings to take accident levels to a minimum. For example, if you get shades and you have kids and pets, perhaps consider cordless versions so there aren’t any strings hanging around that could cause accidents.

Do You Set House Rules?

Rules aren’t always fun, but they can keep family (and the house as a whole) safe. When you get new windows, set some rules that you might not have had in place before. No throwing balls in the house, for example, and no rough housing around the windows. Anything you can foresee happening is a possibility. You know your family and you know what rules will keep them, and your new windows, safe.

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Do You Place Furniture With Care?

Think about how each room of your house functions and place the furniture accordingly. IT might be an advantage to you to have a couch up against a window bank so that your family isn’t messing with the windows too often. In other families, having a couch by the window means the dog can climb up and see out and that could lead to danger for him. Think about how much access you want people to have to the windows and in what way as you place furniture once they are installed.

When you are ready for replacement windows in Tigard, OR, you want to make sure no accidents happen around them, damaging the windows and causing danger for your family. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to help you think through what could happen, and how to prevent it for the safety of your home and everyone in it. We’re here to help you think through every detail, including safety elements and possible accidents. You can buy window products that are Energy Star rated for energy-efficient purposes so that the consumer saves an electric bill. In addition, if you are interested in replacement doors such as storm doors or patio doors then you can trust us. Call for a free consultation and we’ll help from there.

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