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Special Items To Address With Replacement Windows

When you get replacement windows in Portland, OR, standard windows are going to do a lot for your home. They are technologically advanced and definitely more energy efficient than the older windows you have on your house now. But there might be special problems or issues on your home that you want to address with the new windows you are going to install. Here are a few to consider as you make choices and arrange what you want for your project.

Outside Noise

If you live on a busy street or if there’s a lot of construction around your house, the peace and quiet in your home might be disturbed on a regular basis. That’s no fun for your family, but you can address that issue with new windows. Consider an upgrade from double to triple pane glass to insulate your home more and block out the exterior noise. You will have further efficiency, as well, which will lower energy bills at the same time as taking away some of the noise you are hearing from outside.

Too Much Sun Heat

It’s wonderful to have natural light coming into your home, but there’s definitely too much of a good thing when the temperatures get hot and the sun brings all its heat in with the light. In those conditions, you might want to add a low-E coating to the panes on your windows. This thin, invisible, metallic coating will block the heat of the sun, but let the light through. You can have comfort in your home as well as natural light all at the same time.

Windy Conditions

Having a house on a hill can give you great views, but also a lot of wind. That can be nice, but it can also kill your home’s efficiency and comfort. With leaky windows, that’s even more so the case. When you get new windows, consider getting casement windows. When they are closed and the wind blows, they are tight against the house, giving you more efficiency. You might also consider inert gas fillings between the glass so you have further insulation and more efficiency, even in windy conditions.

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Air Leaks

Most windows have air leaks and you can address those by getting new windows in the first place. But if you have a lot of leaks in other areas of your house, like through the attic because of poor insulation, you want to make the windows as good as they can get. Add as many upgrades as you can afford to take care of as much energy efficiency in the window area as possible.

When you are ready to get replacement windows in Portland, OR, there are certain house issues that you might be able to repair or address with those windows. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to help you go through the issues your home has and offer you options for solutions that could allow you to get around those problems once the installation is complete.

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