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Preparing For Summer With Replacement Windows

The summer days are on their way and if you dread them because you know you are going to be miserable the whole time, even in your home, it might be time for replacement windows in Portland, OR. Your home, of all places, should be the place you are most comfortable. If things still feel hot and muggy in your house, even with the AC running, it’s time to find out why. Here are some ways you could prepare your home for the summer months when you get replacement windows installed.

Get Energy Efficiency

Your house will be sealed up nicely once new windows are installed. You will have the efficiency you want, even if you get standard windows. Standard windows have double pane glass and are highly efficient and technologically advanced. There are all sorts of upgrades you can consider to get even more efficiency for your home, but if all you want or all you can afford are standard windows, that’s a huge step up from old leaky windows, too.

Save Money For Vacations

Once you have the efficiency you deserve in your home, you will start to have energy bills that are much lower and more affordable. It’s a strange concept because your home will feel better, but you’ll be using less energy to make it stay at that level. You can use those savings every month to stash cash away for the summer vacation you’ve been wanting to take. Or, just do extra things around your area with the money you’re saving.

Stay Cool And Comfortable Inside

Your home should be (and will be!) the oasis you need away from the summer heat. When you walk inside, it’s not humid and it’s at the temperature you want it to be at. You can stay cool when you are inside and after you mow the grass or do other outside chores, it’ll be there to help you cool down. You’re comfortable at all times, as you should be in your own home.

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Get A Fresh Color

As long as you are getting new windows, you can consider getting a fresh color for your house. You may have always had white before and that’s a classic color that will always look good. But you can make the project stand out even more if you chance the color. Consider black, another classic color that contrasts with the home and can make the light color look nice against the dark frames.

There are lots of things you can benefit from when you get replacement windows in Portland, OR, but if you get them before or during the summer months, that will prepare your home for the rest of summer and allow you to get the comfort you want and need inside. You can even save money and make your home look fresh and new again. If you want to look into the options, contact the professionals at Advanced Energy Services for a free consultation and we can help you from there.

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