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What Can Water Damage Do?

Water doesn’t seem like a harmful substance, but when it sits somewhere, it can definitely cause damage. You might know that your windows aren’t sealed up well and are leaking air, and possibly even water. It’s a good reason to get replacement windows in Tualatin, OR. If you are trying to put it off, look at some of the things that water damage can do to your home and you might change your mind on avoiding the replacement project.

Cause Rot

Wood can rot and when it’s left wet and exposed for too long, that’s just what will happen. If your old wood windows aren’t maintained well, as in painted every year or two, the water that they allow to leak around them can settle into the wood and rot. You will know the windows are rotting if you feel soft spots in the wood. Once the rot settles in, it can’t be reversed. It will only get worse and the windows need to be replaced so your home can be up to par again.

Mold Growth

Mold is a nasty-looking substance that can be very dangerous to your health. There are ways to get rid of mold, of course, but once your windows are leaking water and the damage from that water causes mold growth, it’s just going to keep happening until you get new windows. You will want to make sure you completely get the mold cleaned up before the new windows go in so it won’t continue to grow on its own. Once the mold is gone and the new windows are in, you shouldn’t have the problem any longer.

replacement windows in Tualatin OR..

Further Home Damage

The windows on your home are connected to the walls of the house. If you have rot settling in or mold growing, it could easily leak between the walls and cause other damage to your home. You might notice the siding getting mushy or, when you remove a window, you might find growing in the studs between them. The longer you wait to replace windows when there’s water damage already present, the more likely there is to be water damage to other parts of the house that also has to be addressed.

While water is something we all need to live, it’s not something you want to see around your house causing damage. Water damage can be expensive to fix and it’s a lot better to nip it in the bud and prevent it from occurring any worse than it already has. When you notice air and water leaks in your windows, get replacement windows in Tualatin, OR so you can prevent things from getting worse. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services can assess your window situation and recommend whether or not any repairs can be done or if you simply need to get new windows to combat the water that might be leaking. You and your home will be much happier once you have everything dry and safe against the future elements.

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