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Pre-Replacement Window Installation Prep

You’ve done the hard part. You’ve gone through all of the options and details and you’ve chosen the exact right replacement windows in Tigard, OR for your home. The last step, though it is an important one, is the installation of those windows. Once you decide what you want, you can step back from the process and let the professionals take over. You are definitely going to want the professional installation to get the results you want for the process. Before the installers arrive, you have some last-minute tasks to take on and then, they can do the rest from there.

Take Down The Window Treatments

The window treatments you have over the windows right now have to come down to make room for the installers. You can save those treatments, if they are in good condition, to put back up over the new windows. Though, lots of homeowners see this as a good opportunity to get something new and fresh as long as they are changing out windows. Either way, they have to be removed for the installation project.

Move Furniture Away From Windows

If you have a couch up against the windows, a headboard on a bed, or other furniture items close to the windows, it’s a good idea to move that stuff away from the windows to the centre or even the far side of the room. The more room you can give the installers to move around and work, the better.

Set Up Paths In The House

Walkthrough your house from the front door to each set of windows that is being replaced. It is easy to maneuver? You might want to move other furniture items, rugs, and things that might be in the way. The installers will be walking back and forth a lot, but they will also be sometimes carrying heavy tools and large windows. Make sure they have a path that is clear and safe for them to use with ease to make it faster and easier on everyone.

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Remove Pictures From Walls

Replacing windows takes some banging and some demo. The walls might shake and anything on those walls with windows is in danger of falling. You might want to remove pictures from the walls so you can ensure that nothing will fall and break.

The installers will likely give you a list of tasks they’d like you to take on before they arrive and you should make sure you do those things well enough in advance that everything is ready for them. That way, they can bring the replacement windows in Tigard, OR to your home and set off to work right away. If there are things you weren’t able to do, like a couch you couldn’t move on your own, they understand and can help. It’ll just set the process back a bit time-wise. The experts at Advanced Energy Services are here to help you with the process from start to finish, beginning with a free consultation and ending with the installation of those windows.

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