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Maintaining Windows In The Summer

The summer months can be hard on a house and there are things you are going to want to do to maintain your house, and even your replacement windows in Tualatin, OR if you have had those installed recently. Here are some ways you can maintain your windows during the summer months ahead.

Clean The Glass

One thing any window is going to need, whether it’s new or not, is a good glass cleaning from time to time. If you have kids and pets, you will notice the nose and fingerprints on the glass regularly and that might cause you to clean them. But if you don’t have any little ones or furry friends, you should still wipe the glass down inside and out. Windows get dusty, especially outside, and you can preserve your view and keep the glass from getting scratched by the dust.

Clear Debris Around Them

You don’t want anything to blow into your windows during a storm or even just a windy day. It’s important to keep debris and yard tools away from the windows. When you are done with the shovel, don’t lean it up against the house, put it back in the shed so it doesn’t knock into the window later. You’ll also want to clear sticks and leaves and other things that might fall around the home during storms.

Watch For Leaks

If your windows are new, they shouldn’t leak, but you will want to watch them carefully anyway. If a new window leak, something has gone wrong and you need to know that. You can talk to the installer and see if something went wrong during the installation. Or, you can check with the window store, look into the warranty, and see if a part that is covered by the manufacturer has perhaps gone bad early. You can get any of those things fixed for free because new windows should not leak in any way.

Check For Storm Damage

After a storm hits, you will want to inspect the windows for damage before anything that might be wrong gets worse. You can easily see if any glass is broken, but check the frames for dents or scratches that you might want to address, too.

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Know The Warranty

It’s wise to know your warranty coverage so you know what can be replaced, how long you have on it, and how to go about making a claim. The best warranties are offered by companies that have the best windows. They stand behind their windows and things rarely go wrong with them, which is in large part why they offer such good warranties. But it’s nice to know what’s covered and what’s not so you know what to do if something pops up.

Getting replacement windows in Tualatin, OR during the summer months can really keep your home cool while lowering your energy bills. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services can give you a free consultation and also tips on how to care for your windows over the hot months of the year.

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