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Ideas For Changes With Replacement Window Projects

When your home needs replacement windows in Tigard, OR, you are facing a huge opportunity. Not only do you have the chance to make your home a much more energy efficient place to live, but you can make changes that really create a great home for your family. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider when you are replacing the windows on your home:

Add Windows In Strategic Locations

If you have the space for it, adding windows for light, ventilation, and aesthetics can make a huge change in your home. You could place windows on either side of the front door, or perhaps even over it at the top. You could put windows into that dark hallway or above the tub in the bathroom. More windows are going to bring in more natural light, which makes rooms look larger, more open, and more welcoming overall. Consider adding windows in certain places where they are the most needed.

Change The Window Color

When you get new window frames, you get to choose the colors that go onto those frames. You could go with the color you had before, but it might be time for a change. Plus, changing the color makes the new windows stand out even more in your home. White is the most popular color (and always will be), but if it’s what you already have, you might want to go to the opposite and choose black. Black contrasts nicely with any light-colored home and doesn’t go out of style. Or, you could choose a color that contrasts with your home’s color in a similar tone, only darker or lighter.

Switch Styles

You may not get the same style in every room of the house and you might want to change the style from space to space. Consider the style you have now and what you could have and how that switch might make things better. Casement windows, for example, are the best for ventilation. If there’s a room you want more fresh air in, consider that window style. You can also go all out and combine a bank of windows into a picture window, or even bay or bow windows for an even bigger change.

When you are getting replacement windows in Tigard, OR, really, the sky’s the limit. You can change whatever you want to change and customize everything on those windows, from the style and color to the glass pack and the hardware. This is your project and you want it to turn out a certain way for your home. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to help however we can. We’d love to give you advice and recommendations based on your goals and your home’s set up. But, at the same time, you get to make all of the decisions based on your budget and what you want. Give us a call and let us get to know you so we can help with your replacement project.

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