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The Customer Service Placement Within Window Replacement

When you are going through the window replacement process in Wilsonville, OR, customer service should be something you get from the very beginning. Without proper customer service and care, the project will be a huge ordeal. Instead, you need friendly representatives who are willing to help you with anything and everything having to do with this project. Here are a few things you should find when you are looking at replacement window companies in terms of their customer service.

Easy-To-Reach Communications

Communication is huge when you are replacing windows. You might not know a lot about new windows and when you have questions, you should easily be able to get answers. Most of the time, representatives will answer the phone. However, if they’re away, they should call you back promptly. When you shoot them an email, that should also be answered in kind. And if you are at the store in person, you should get the attention you need without having to track someone down to ask a question.

Helpful Suggestions

Since most homeowners don’t know a lot about replacing windows (because most have never done it before), you might have no idea where to start or what direction to head, even if you have certain goals in mind. The customer service within a window company should be able to offer you helpful suggestions to point you in the right direction. You can take or leave whatever ideas they have, but it can help to have experts on your side.

Installation Advice

You definitely want professional installation when you get replacement windows. And the installers can get things ready when they arrive. But to make things go faster, they can also suggest certain things to you over the phone, in writing, or in-person to make sure your home is prepared for the process. They will tell you to take down window coverings and pictures on the walls with windows on them.

Help Later On

Once the new windows go in, you might want help with advice on cleaning them or how to maintain them. If you have any issues, you should easily be able to get to the window company representatives to ask questions and get help after the installation is complete. They should still be there for you.

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When you get replacement windows in Wilsonville, OR, customer service is one of the biggest things you will need to get from a window company. Without the right kind of service, you can’t get the information you need to make the right decisions for your home. Many people have never gone through the process before so having experienced, knowledgeable individuals on hand that can help you with the right steps are huge. The experts at Advanced Energy Services are here to lend you everything we know about windows (which is a lot!) for your project. You’ll get answers to your questions, friendly customer service, valid ideas and suggestions, and everything else you need to move forward whenever you are ready.

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