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Got Mold? Get Replacement Windows

Mold is a dangerous substance and once it starts growing, it will do anything to continue. You don’t want it in your house. It can release spores into the air that you can’t see and damage other items in the house, or worse—your health. If you’ve noticed that your windows are discolored, it may very well be mold. What should you do about it? The best idea is to get a free consultation regarding replacement windows in Tigard, OR. The professionals can tell you whether repairs can be done or if you need to get new windows to prevent further growth.

When you can visibly see mold on your windows, that means there is probably mold growing somewhere else on the windows where you can’t see it. That’s not good news. Most people see the mold, clean it off, and move on with their life. But the mold might still be there under the frame and it will likely just grow back.

The best thing to do is to prevent mold growth in the first place. Modern windows give you great seals that prevent mold from growing because air and water don’t leak in. Mold loves warm, wet places and wherever that is present, it’ll have a great time growing. You can also keep your humidity levels low in your house and make sure the airflow is good. Watch bathrooms and kitchens, especially, for mold as they are wetter, warmer places that mold enjoys the most.

If you are unable to prevent mold on older windows, it might be because they are simply worn out and are letting air and water in and allowing for that mold formation. You can clean the mold off, and you should, but it will likely return. In those cases, new windows are the best option. You will have the old windows removed and any mold that might be growing behind them or around them cleaned off. Then, the new windows will go in and everything will be as good as new.

The last thing you want is to endanger your family in any way and mold growth can certainly do that. Keep a close eye on older windows and watch for any signs of mold around them that indicate there’s more growing beneath them.

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If you are worried about your older windows, mold, or other repairs they might need, contact the professionals and ask if you need replacement windows in Tigard, OR. The experts at Advanced Energy Services offer free consultation appointments during which we can come to your home, take a look at the situation, and give you advice as to what you should do. Keep in mind that we will treat your house like our own. If we would, in your situation, replace the windows, that’s what we’ll tell you. You can trust our advice and recommendations. If you are getting ready for the process, it’s easy enough to stop by our showroom and start to look around at the options to decide on preferences.

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