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Decorating The Mud Room

If you have a mudroom in your house, it can be a real saving grace when the kids get home and need a place to dump all of their stuff. But the mudroom can also become dank, dirty, and dreary, and you don’t want that to be what greets you every time you get home. There are things you can do to decorate the mudroom, including replacement windows in Tigard, OR. Here are some options to consider.

Hang Art/Family Pictures


One thing you might consider is to just hang some art or family pictures in the room. It can be your focus when you come in, not the kids’ shoes that they leave lying all over the floor. You can showcase good times with your family, bright colors in pictures, or even peaceful beaches to help you keep calm when you trip over the backpack that is always in the center of the space.

Hooks And Shelving Are Friends


Mudrooms are catch-all spaces and you have to keep them organized before they get overwhelming. Consider adding some hooks and shelving so there are places for jackets to go and shoes to live. You can put in some seating as well if you have room, so kids can sit right there to put their shoes on. It can help to keep the room lined up well.

Make The Space Functional


Mudrooms can look nice, but they also need to be functional. Anything you can do to add functionality, you should. Perhaps some colored bins that bring color to the space, but allow you to slide shoes away when you aren’t using them would be nice. The mudroom isn’t often a large space so you have to make sure to optimize what you have.

Paint The Walls Bright Colors


You want the mudroom to be bright, even if you don’t have any lights on, so you can see the stuff kids have left lying around and locate that missing shoe with ease. If you want as much natural light as possible, and to make the space look bright and welcoming, consider painting the walls a new, bright color. White is always nice, but you can add personality to the space with a light yellow, a blue, or even an off-white or gray color.

Get More Light With Replacement Windows


Mudrooms need light and you can have replacement windows installed into the space to make it brighter. Freshreplacement windows in Tigard OR 3 300x201 air is often nice as well when the shoes get a little rank over the summer months. You might place some windows around the door leading into the mudroom, or put a window under the shelves you installed for the books that are always being thrown about. Windows can bring in the light you want and give you a more welcoming atmosphere in that space.

When you are getting replacement windows in Tigard, OR, don’t forget the mudroom and what you might want to do in that space.

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