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Consider Coverings With Replacement Windows

When you get replacement windows in Portland, OR, one of the things you’ll have to do before the installers arrive is take down the window coverings. Since the coverings are already down, it’s a good time to replace them and get something new. While these two projects go well together, it will cost more to get coverings as well as windows so you will want to plan for that process. Here are some of the coverage options that you can figure into the process if you so choose.

Curtains Help With Efficiency


Curtains are a nice addition to certain rooms of the house. They can help you with efficiency in a big way. Close the curtains when it’s hot or cold outside and they can help to block any air that tries to get into your house or any that tries to escape. Plus, curtains can come in any color or pattern as well as in a variety of materials, which can really add style to your home.

Blinds Shake Up The Lighting


Window coverings can help with efficiency, but they can also give you versatility with lighting, especially if you choose blinds. You can close the blinds and keep the light out, or open them completely and let it in. You can also point the slats different directions to direct the light up or down. You can block some of the light, but let some in and point it in the right way. It can be a benefit to any home.

Shades Are High In Value


Shades are another option and they are high in value as well as versatile. You can get efficient shades, like honeycomb shades, that help you to trap air between the material items. You can get Roman shades, which are highly stylish. You can also get black out shades to block out all light when they are closed and help you to relax during the day. There are a lot of style and color options with shades as well.

Shutters Are Permanent Fixtures


Shutters are one of the most valuable windows covering options because they are energy efficient, but also because they are permanent fixtures for the home. When they are installed, they stay. They don’t have to be replaced—ever. That can save a lot of money in the future as you never have to get new window coverings again.replacement windows in Portland OR 2 300x300 They are also versatile and come in many different colors and slat sizes.

When you get replacement windows in Portland, OR, it’s a big investment and one that will pay off in leaps and bounds. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to help you with the process from start to finish. While you have the window coverings down for the installation of your new windows, you might consider getting new coverings as well. Putting those two projects together can help you to get two things out of the way at once and they are a convenient pair at the same time that can work well together.

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