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What To Remember About Replacement Windows In Kids’ Rooms

When you are ready for replacement windows in Portland, OR all over your house, you are going to want to pay close attention to the details in every room of the house. While you might get similar window styles in most rooms, you want to pay extra attention to the windows that will go into your child’s room or rooms. Here are some of the things you will want to think about and remember as you make those choices.

Keep Safety In Mind

Safety is always a key around anything related to your children. You want then to be safe above all else. New windows are going to offer more safety than old windows, but you can take that a few steps further when you get the right window style. Perhaps double hung windows are a good idea, for example. These windows open from the top down and from the bottom up. In your child’s room, you can open them from the top down to let in fresh air, but keep the bottom part locked and closed so they won’t fall out the window on accident. Or, if you go with a casement window, you might want a child proof lock or a lock that is high on the window so they can’t access it without help. Your child’s safety is highly important when you get new windows.

Remember Lighting Needs

There are different lighting needs in various rooms of the house and you will want to address each of them with the windows you install. You may want your child to have a bright room to play in during the day. However, the might nap or they may have an early bedtime. You will also need a way to block the light out. One of the answers to that problem is to get windows that bring in a lot of light, but also that are of a standard size so they are simple to cover with blackout curtains or shades. That can help you let the light in at certain times of the day and block it out at other times.

Show Kids The Operations

If your child is old enough to be trusted not to fall and can operate a window alone, you will want to show them how it works so they don’t do things wrong, force the windows in a wrong way,replacement windows in Portland OR 300x199 and cause something to break soon after they are installed. This short lesson can save you from headaches later.

Keep Them Clean

Windows in any room need to be kept clean to last as long as possible. While replacement windows in Portland, OR are brand new and their parts are going to operate like a dream, they are still going to get dirty. When you need tips on how to clean the windows and what products work best, you can always go back to the professionals at Advanced Energy Services for details and advice. We’re here to help.

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