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Challenges With Replacement Windows

If your home needs new Portland, OR windows, and you know it, it’s always better to get the windows installed sooner rather than later. However, there are things that can prevent you from moving forward or that can challenge you as you try to take the project on. Here are a few of those challenges and how you can go about getting around them.

Budgeting Issues

One of the biggest issues people have with replacement windows is how much they cost. They’re an investment, for sure. But if you plan ahead for that investment, you might have savings available. There are other things you can do, too, like perhaps take out a personal loan, use home equity, or finance the windows through your window provider. If your home really needs the windows, it’s worth the investment. You’ll get the money back in lower energy bills as well as in a higher home value in the future.


It’s always hard to find time to put effort towards a big project like getting new windows. You are going to have to spend time looking over the options and you are going to have to plan for the installation part of the process. You’ll want to work out the timing for a time that works for your family, but it’s important so try to make it a priority.

Change Resistance

Some people put their furniture in their house in a certain way and never move things around. They don’t like change all that much, and that’s okay. You might not want to get new windows because you don’t appreciate change, but all of the changes that will be made to your home are going to be positive. You’re going to have a better-looking home, more energy efficiency, lower bills, more comfort, and much more. As soon as you can talk yourself into the change, you’ll appreciate the changes that come to your home.


There’s no way around it. Getting new windows is a messy project. The windows have to come out before new ones can go in and there’s some demo involved. You’re going to have dust all over the house. The installers will do their best to clean up as much as they can, but they are going to leave a layer of dust behind. You’ll have to get used to that idea and perhaps tell yourself that it’s a good chance to give your house a good cleaning.

Weather ExposurePortland OR windows 1 300x200

When the windows come out and the new ones go in, your home is going to be exposed to the elements outside, whatever those may be. A lot of people like to plan their replacements for nicer months of the year because of this, and that’s something you can definitely do. But you should get the windows when you really need them. The exposure to the outside doesn’t last for long and your home is going to be much better off because of the installation.

When you look into Portland, OR windows, there are plenty of things that can stop you—don’t let them.

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