Tualatin, OR replacement windows

Are Replacement Windows The Answer?

There are tons of things that can go wrong in a home as the years go by. Things are going to get old, break down, and wear out. Getting Tualatin, OR replacement windows can help you to fix and take care of certain things, but other times, that type of home improvement project isn’t going to do it. Here are some times when new windows are the answer and times when they aren’t and you might be better off with another option.

Yes, If Your Home’s Exterior Is Failing And The Windows Are The Cause

If you no longer like the exterior appearance of your home, assess the home and decide what it is about the exterior is failing. If the windows are cracked and peeling, it could very well be the windows that are ruining the exterior of the home. You might be able to fix that with maintenance, but if the windows are old and out of date, replacing them is likely in your best interest.

No, If The Home’s Exterior If Failing And The Siding Is The Cause

The windows might look okay, but the siding is peeling and needs attention. Or, maybe the landscaping is out of shape and you need to take out some dead bushes, trim others up, and add flowers. The windows aren’t the only thing that can fail on the exterior of a home and if it’s not the windows, don’t replace them just yet.

Yes, If The Energy Efficiency Inside Stinks And The Windows Leak Air

Energy efficiency is fickle and you are going to want to make sure it’s the windows that are causing the issues before you replace them. If they leak air, they likely are killing the efficiency and you will want to address that sooner rather than later. If you aren’t sure, have a professional come over and inspect the windows so you can figure out if they are the cause of your efficiency issues.

No, If The Energy Efficiency Inside Stinks And It’s Because Of The HVAC

Sometimes, efficiency takes a dip because of the HVAC system. It might need maintenance, repairs, or a complete replacement. While getting new windows can often help with efficiency, if the windows aren’t the root cause of the issue, it’s best to address what really is before you regret a large investment you didn’t really need.

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Yes, If The Old Windows Are Non-Operational

Windows are supposed to open and close. If yours don’t, that’s a problem. Whether they are painted closed or so warped that they just won’t operate, you can’t ventilate your house. Even more importantly, you may not be able to get out of your house through those windows as an emergency exit, which is downright dangerous.

No, If The Old Windows Work Well And Operate Fine

If the windows open and close well, you don’t have to worry about replacing them for that reason. Wait until they have efficiency issues and other problems to get Tualatin, OR replacement windows for your home.

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