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Replacement Windows With High Ventilation Levels

New windows are going to be operational because they have all new parts. You might have older windows on your house now that are stubborn and don’t open and close all that well. They might be warped or even painted shut and that’s not a good thing for safety, or for getting fresh air into the house. When you get Portland, OR replacement windows, you might concentrate on getting as much fresh air and ventilation into the house as you can. Here are some window styles that can help you with that.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are some of the most popular windows on the market. They have two sashes that can slide up or down. You could actually open both of the sashes at the same time. You let old air out and new air in all at once and can get a nice flow going. These windows are also beneficial because you can tilt them into the house so you can clean the exterior of the windows from inside the house.

Bay Windows

Bay windows have a curve to them and jut out of the house. They add architectural interest and allow you to open certain windows and allow the breeze in from several different directions. It’s nice to let the wind come in no matter which way it is blowing and it can really make a difference in the way your home feels.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are known for being the best window on the market when it comes to ventilation needs. These windows have one sash that cranks out and opens away from the house. When you open the window, it can act like a sail and catch the breeze and bring it into the house. The whole window from top to bottom opens at once, which also allows you to let in more air.

Sliding WindowsPortland OR replacement windows 1 300x200

Sliding windows are like double hung windows turned on their sides. You can slide them side to side and that can help you to bring in a lot of air as well. You can open one side, or both, and let the air come right on in. These windows are great on walls that give you more space in a horizontal manner instead of vertically. You might place one in the bathroom, for example, high on the wall, or in a long hallway.

When you are looking into the options, it’s a good idea to consider the options and what you want for your home. There are going to be a lot of things you might want in your windows, but if you need ventilation in stuffy rooms, how much air the windows let in will be important to you. Consider the options above when you look into Portland, OR replacement windows and talk to the professionals about the choices you make as you go so you can ensure you get the best windows for your home all the way around. You’ll have fresh air flowing in no time.

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