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Which Window Replacement Upgrade Do You Need?

Standard replacement windows in Portland, OR are very high in quality today and can work wonders for your home. They can upgrade your home’s comfort and efficiency and help you to save money on your energy bills. If standard windows are all you can afford, that’s okay. They are going to be way better than what you had before. But if you have a budget that is above and beyond what you can do on standard windows, you might want to consider an upgrade or two. But which ones do you need? Here are some details that might fit your home and can help you decide what direction to take.

For Too Much Noise Coming In

If you hear a lot of things going on outside in your home, it can be a real pain. You might hear traffic from a busy street nearby, kids playing down the road, dogs barking, and other such things. It can be hard for you to relax with all that noise happening. There’s a reason you’re inside in the first place, right? Getting triple pane glass as your upgrade might be the right move for you. Not only will that extra pane of glass and the extra space between panes give you further energy efficiency, but it will also insulate your home from the noise you have going on outside. You’ll have peace and quiet once again.

For The Heat Of The Sun

Natural lighting is fabulous in the home and it makes your rooms look larger and more open, not to mention welcoming. Plus, having lighting in the room saves you energy since you don’t need lights on and you just feel better all the way around. However, the sunlight can bring a lot of heat in with it, especially if your home faces certain directions and gets the intense parts of the sun at certain times of the day. For your home, you might want to consider low-E glass. This metallic glass coating blocks the heat of the sun as well as the UV rays. You can let in as much light as you want and keep the heat out at the same time.

For Highest Levels Of Efficiencyreplacement windows in Portland OR 300x159

Any of the upgrades can help you to get efficiency into your home. One of the biggest upgrades you can take on for that goal is inert gas fillings between the panes of glass instead of air. There are two options, argon and krypton, and both are denser than air. These gases will block airflow from outside and nothing can get in, allowing you efficiency beyond what you would get from standard windows.

The professionals can help you to assess your home, look at your goals, and figure out your budget while lining up which upgrades are best for your replacement windows in Portland, OR. Give Advanced Energy Services a call for a free consultation and you can talk about the upgrades and other options from there as you move ahead.

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