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What Should You Do After Replacement Windows Are Installed? 

It’s a big sigh of relief after you choose the details on your replacement windows in Portland, OR and have them installed by professionals. Your home is finally just how you want it to be. However, just because that project is behind you doesn’t mean there aren’t a few odds and ends you have to think through and conduct. Here are a few things you might want to do after your windows are installed.



While installers are very good at keeping the mess to a minimum, there is still going to be dust around your house that wasn’t there before. It’s a good chance to go through each room, dust high and low, and vacuum everything as well. Get the whole family in on the chore and it won’t really take that long. Your home will be new and fresh everywhere, and not just from the new windows.


Have Air Ducts Cleaned

If you’re concerned about the air quality within your house, like if you have someone that has allergies or asthma issues, having the air ducts cleaned after replacing the windows isn’t a bad idea. Try to time it so it’s been awhile anyway and then arrange to have the ducts cleaned after the installation. Installing new windows can add more dust to the air, which can get into the vents. They’re probably dirty from everyday life anyway so have them cleaned out after the process is complete to make your indoor air as clean as possible.


Enjoy The Windows

One of the things you absolutely have to do is simply enjoy your new windows and all of the benefits they bring. Take in the additional natural light and revel in it. Open and close the windows with ease at will on a nice day to ventilate the home and get that fresh air flowing. Appreciate your home’s appearance and curb appeal every time you drive up. Do a little happy dance when you receive your next energy bill and it’s way lower than before. You put the windows in for these benefits and for a variety of reasons. Once you reach the goals you had for the project, the best thing you can do is enjoy something that went well for your home.


If you have questions about things you might want to do after your replacement windows in Portland, OR are installed, the professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to help with any part of the process possible. Call us at (503) 563-6866 and we’ll answer what we can by phone or set you up with a free consultation. Don’t worry, there are no obligations. We just want you to have the information you need to move forward whenever you are ready. You can also browse our showroom for ideas and inspiration. We’re located at 9150 SW Pioneer Ct Ste D Wilsonville, OR 97070 and we’d love to show you how to read ratings labels to get started down the right path.

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