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Sliding Door Options To Go With Replacement Windows

There are a lot of things you might consider doing when you get replacement windows in Portland, OR. Replacement windows themselves are already going to make a big difference in your home. But there are things you can do in addition to getting the windows to make an even larger chance in your home. You might, for example, want to replace the exterior doors on your home to really seal things up. If you want to get a sliding door to go out to your patio or deck, here are a few options to consider.

Pocket Door

Pocket doors are really handy for space reasons. The door slides into the wall, in essence, and is completely out of the way when it is open. You can get a single sliding door that can disappear when you open it and allow you to get the door you want in a smaller space. You have more glass in the area, more natural light, and a chance at ventilation, too.

Patio Door

This is what you might consider being a standard sliding glass door. It looks like two large windows, but one of them will slide open and closed. You can slide that door open over the other pane and it’s still nice and out of the way. The doors work well together to give you the efficiency you need. You will also let in lots of light and a great view as well as the fresh air you want.

Folding Door

Folding doors are a great way to fill a larger space you might have in the back of your house. The folding doors will fold and slide open to give you a bigger opening between your home and the outdoor living space. There are often a variety of options for how many doors open, how many folds, and how you use the apparatus on your home. Again, you’ll still have fresh air options, more natural light, and a better view.

Accordion Doorreplacement windows in Tigard OR 1 300x200

This is also a sliding door that folds. The only difference is the way it folds. It will fold like an accordion and end up as a flat panel against the wall to give you a larger opening. The accordion-style can help you to let more fresh air into the space when it’s open. When it’s closed, it looks like windows or a nice door with glass on it.

There are plenty of projects you can place along with replacement windows in Portland, OR. You might get new window coverings, for example, and that’s a great project to place alongside new windows. You have to take old window coverings down for the installation anyway. You might also consider getting sliding doors or other exterior doors so you are able to enhance efficiency and tighten your house up all the way around. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services can help you with the windows and you can go from there on other projects.

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