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Coupling Replacement Windows With Coverings

When replacement windows in Tualatin, OR are in order, you know they are going to make a huge difference in your home. But when you pair new windows with other projects, like window coverings, you can get even more bang for your buck. When you get new windows, one of the things you will have to do before the installer gets there takes down the window coverings. It’s an ideal time to get new window coverings since the old ones are already down. Plus, you get a lot of further benefits from couplings those two projects together. Here are a few such benefits.

Shore Up Efficiency

New windows are going to give you a great deal of efficiency in your home. You’ll see lower energy bills and higher levels of comfort. But no windows can keep out every piece of air. However, when you couple the new windows with the perfect coverings, you can block out even more than you would have otherwise and increase energy efficiency to a level beyond your wildest dreams. You get the comfort you want and the energy bills of your wildest dreams.

Meet Light Filtering Goals

Windows can let in a lot of natural light and while you can get low-E coatings to block the heat, the light will still stream in. You can, however, get window coverings to go over the new windows to filter the light in the right ways. Some coverings, like blinds, can shut the light out completely, or direct it in certain ways. Or, you can get sheer curtains that allow you to filter the light in a subdued manner while still letting things in for you to enjoy.

Enhance Curb And Interior Appeal

When you get new windows, the exterior of your house has a fresh, new look on it. You’ll notice a difference inside as well. But when you get new window coverings, you are also going to have an interior appeal that is way above the norm. You can complete the look and give yourself a fresh appeal both inside and outside of the home. Putting these two projects together can make a huge difference.

Raise Home Value Super Highreplacement windows in Tualatin OR 1 300x200

Both of these projects are going to raise your home’s value to a higher level than it had before. But when you put the two processes together, you are going to have a nice high home value that will help you to get everything you want from the home when you sell in the future. Not only will the home sell at a higher price (whenever you decide to sell), but you will more likely make that sale faster at the same time.

If you are already planning to get replacement windows in Tualatin, OR, think about the fact that you are going to have to take the window coverings down for the installation. Thus, it’s a good time to get new coverings installed as well. There are many benefits that go along with both projects and the pros at Advanced Energy Services can help you understand them.

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