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Putting Together Window Replacement Items One At A Time

When you paint a picture, you use one color at a time and then you switch to a different color and add something different. Whether you have artistic abilities or not, you can understand that. When you get replacement windows in Portland, OR, the same principles are in play. You will take on one decision at a time and they will all add up to create the whole ‘painting/picture’ or the window you need. Here are some of the things you will put together, one thing at a time.

The Frame Materials

The first thing you usually decide is what materials you want on your frames. You could choose vinyl, which is the most popular, or something else. Most homeowners choose vinyl because it costs the least and because it also allows you to get the highest quality possible.

The Frame Color

Once you know what frame material you are going to use, you can then move on to choose the color. The color you pick is especially important with vinyl windows because you can’t change the color later. Make sure you take lots of samples home to look at them with your house. Classic colors like black or white always work well because they will look good now and later as well.

The Glass Pack

When you get the frames worked out, you can move on to the glass pack. You could use the standard, double pane glass with air fillings, if you want, and that’s going to be better than what you have on your home now. But you can also get upgrades like triple pane glass, inert gas fillings, low-E coatings on the glass and so on if you can afford them and want to insulate and benefit your home’s efficiency even further.

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The Size/Style

You can get the same window size for each place that you have now or you can make changes based on how much light you want to bring into your house. You can also change styles, if you wish, based on functionality, appearance, or any other reason. That’s another thing to decide as you move through the steps and items you have to choose.

The Hardware

Choosing hardware feels like one of the last steps, but it’s still important. The hardware you place on the windows will show quite a bit inside and can be like the finishing touch on your windows, if you let it stand out or even blend in.

Getting replacement windows in Portland, OR is a series of decisions that don’t feel that hard or bad when you break them down and just decide one thing at a time. You will want to take your time with each decision to make sure you get it right and don’t have any regrets. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services can help you every step of the way and ensure that you don’t make mistakes that could be avoided. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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