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Moving In…Then Replacing Windows

It might sound like too much…buying a house and then doing work to improve it, like getting replacement windows in Tualatin, OR, but there are some buyers who prefer to do things that way. While there are plenty who prefer turnkey homes and look to find homes that have new windows already installed, there are those who like to get deals and then choose their own upgrades. Here are a few things that will be to your benefit if you get a home in need of new windows and do the replacement yourself. 


A Lower Home Price 

The house you are eyeing that needs new windows will likely have a lower price on it anyway, but you can also use the need for new windows as a negotiating tool to possibly get the current owner to go even lower. They may recognize that the windows need an upgrade, which could push them to go lower on their asking price in order to give you more funds to replace the windows on the other side of the sale. 


Get What You Want 

If the current owner were to have gotten new windows, they may have gotten something standard that looked nice just so they could sell the home. When you replace the windows yourself after you buy the home, you can actually get whatever you want. You can choose the materials, the colors, the glass pack, and everything in between. Instead of something that may not be to your liking, you are able to get what you actually prefer in the new windows. 


Enjoy The Windows From The Start 

If the home already has new windows on it, those windows could be a few years old or older. When you get replacement windows yourself, you start at the very beginning of their lifespan and you get to enjoy all of the energy savings and other benefits yourself. Plus, you are the one that holds the warranties. Sometimes those are transferrable between owners, but other times, they are not. This way, you know what you get and how much time you have on the windows—which should be decades, by the way. 


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Increase Curb Appeal Right Away 

If you buy a home that doesn’t have the highest curb appeal, people in your family and even those in the neighborhood will notice the positive changes the house has taken on since your ownership right away with the installation of new windows. The house will look new and fresh on the outside and inside, you’ll have more natural light and a more welcoming appeal, too. 


If you move into a new-to-you home that needs replacement windows in Tualatin, OR, it’s a good idea to get them, possibly before you even move your things in, so you don’t have to deal with the dust as much. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services can help you work out the details and get just what you need as quickly as possible so you can start to enjoy the new home and the windows. 

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