replacement windows in Tigard, OR

Good Reasons Not To Get Replacement Windows

There are lots of reasons why you might move ahead and get replacement windows in Tigard, OR, but no one really wants to take that project on unless they have to. Sometimes, there are good reasons not to get replacement windows. And it’s good to know the difference so you don’t replace windows that don’t really need to be replaced. Here are a few good reasons not to get new windows:

Reason 1: Your Home Functions Well

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? If your home is functioning well, including the windows, there’s no need to get new ones. Even if your windows are getting to the age where you would think they would need to be replaced, if you don’t notice drafts around them and your energy bills are going okay, then you may not really need new windows, yet. Keep an eye on them for any drafts to arise and you will know when the right time comes.

Reason 2: The Professionals Said You Don’t Need Them

If you suspect that you might need new windows, but you admit that you are no expert, the best thing to do is have a free consultation with window professionals. They can come to your home and assess your situation. They will then let you know what they recommend. And reputable companies will only tell you to replace your windows if you really do need that done. If the professionals tell you that your windows are in good shape, but perhaps need a few repairs, and don’t really need to be replaced yet, believe them. That’s a good reason not to go ahead with the project just yet. Check them again in a year and see how they’re doing then.

replacement windows in Tigard OR

Reason 3: You Need To Move Fast

It can be hard to talk yourself into putting in new windows before you move, but that option really does have benefits. However, if you need to move fast, you may not have time for projects like that and that’s okay. Instead, place your house on the market for a lower price, giving the new owners extra cash to replace the windows themselves. If you admit that the windows need to be replaced and allow for room for new buyers to do that, they’ll more likely be open to buying when you need to make a fast move.

There are other reasons not to buy replacement windows in Tigard, OR right now, just as there might be lots of reasons that you do need new windows. Whatever situation you might be in, the professionals at Advanced Energy Services are honest individuals who will give you honest opinions and assessments. If you are stuck in between and you don’t know which way to go on the project, give us a call and we will help you figure out what your home needs. We’ll tell you what we would do if the home were ours and you can take the choices from there.

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