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Black Framed Replacement Windows

If you are in the market for vinyl replacement windows in Tigard, OR, the most popular color for the frames has always been white. In the past, white was the only option. While that’s not the case today (by far!) it is still the most popular choice because not only does white look nice with what you have now, it will still look nice in the future if you paint your house. However, black is another appealing color that can really stand out and give your house a contrasting pop. If you are considering going darker with your frames, here are some details to think through.

Making Your Home Stand Out

If you want your house to stand out instead of blend in, and you already have a light color on your home and plan to keep it light in color in the future, black is the perfect way to bring things together. Many of the houses on your street probably have white windows so having black on your frames will really stand out and offer your home a surprising curb appeal.


When you get new windows, you want them to catch the eye and they definitely will on an immediate basis if they have black frames. People are used to seeing and overlooking white frames, but black, being strikingly different than your home’s color, makes it draw the eye even more.

Design Options

It doesn’t matter what type of window you want, double hung, casement, or picture, you can get a black frame. You have just as many style options as you do with white or any other color. Plus, they can clearly outline the window panes which gives you an additional bump in style. These frames will be considered classic and work really well with modern homes or with any house that you want to have a clean line on.

No More Darkness

Some people are nervous about using black because they think it would make their home darker, but that’s not the case with window frames. New windows will have larger glass panes than older windows, so they’ll actually let in more light than before. You’ll be excited to see more natural light instead of less.

If you are considering black window frames, they work best on light colored homes that are neutral in color. If you have a yellow, beige, cream light tan, off-white home or something else of that nature, black will work wonderfully. If you aren’t sure, take samples home and ask window professionals for advice on creating a unique look.

There’s a reason why black replacement windows in Tigard, OR are so popular today. In fact, there are lots of reasons. If you want to hear more about them, or other color options, contact the professionals at Advanced Energy Services by calling (503) 563-6866. We’re here to help you get through the project so your home looks and feels better than ever. You can visit our showroom to look over examples at 9150 SW Pioneer Ct Ste D Wilsonville, OR 97070.

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