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Windows Can Still Mean Privacy In The Bathroom

Getting replacement windows in Portland, OR gives you the perfect opportunity to make changes to your window layout, style, color and so on. You may want to add windows, for example. You can put a window into the bathroom, which can help you to add natural light to that space. If you think about doing that, you might wonder about the privacy issues that can come along with having a window in the bathroom. Windows in the bathroom don’t have to mean you aren’t going to have the privacy you need. Here are some things you can do to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Cover The Window

You can put in any window you want and still have the privacy you need in the bathroom if you get some nice window coverings to go over the window. That way, you have the option of opening the treatment and letting the light in. You can also open the window and let in the ventilation and fresh air. When you need privacy, you cover the window with the treatment you choose. With the right window covering, you can have everything you want in the space and plenty of versatility.

Skylights Are An Option

Bathrooms don’t always have a lot of wall space, but skylights are a good option to bring in more light. Since skylights are kind of like windows in the ceiling, you don’t get rid of any of the privacy you want and need in that space either. Many skylights don’t open, and they can be hard to open even if they do open since they are in the ceiling. But opening or not, you can get a lot of natural light through the skylight while you maintain privacy at the same time.

Consider Sliding Windows High On The Wall

Skylights aren’t an option in every bathroom, but if you have some space on the wall, you might be able to place a sliding window high on the wall. Sliding windows are like double-hung windows on their sides and they can slide open from side to side. You can ventilate the space whenever you want while you let in natural light. And, since the window is high on the wall, no one can see in, either.

Get Etched/Fogged Glass

Not all glass is completely clear as you would think of when the term ‘glass’ comes to mind. You can get glass thatreplacement windows in Portland OR 1 300x193 is etched or fogged on the windows so people can’t see into the bathroom space. You still get the natural light you want and you can also ventilate the space when you want to, but people won’t be able to see in, impeding on your privacy.

When you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Portland, OR, there are a lot of things to think through, including what you want to do for your bathroom. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to talk through the options with you from start to finish. Your goals are our goals.

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