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Window Replacement Terms To Know

You’re not a window professional. You know that. But if you are a homeowner, at some point, you might need to get replacement windows in Portland, OR. When that time comes, you want to be able to understand the process so you can make the most of it. Windows are going to be on your home for decades. You likely won’t have to replace them again yourself. Knowing just how long they can last will help you to motivate yourself in doing the leg work, research, and due diligence you will have to do in order to get the right fit. Part of that is knowing certain terms so you are able to work towards the right products. Here are some of those terms.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a term you’ve probably heard in a lot of different places, but what does that really mean where new windows are concerned? Old windows are likely inefficient because they let air through them. When you have indoor air going out and outdoor air coming in, your HVAC has to work and work to try and keep the temperature you want. You are wasting energy that you have to pay for, but never get to use. That’s highly inefficient. Energy efficient replacement windows, on the other hand, are going to keep your indoor air in and keep the outdoor elements out. Your HVAC won’t run as often, or as long and won’t have to work nearly as hard. You are actually using the energy you put into the house and not wasting it. That’s efficiency.

Gas Fillings

Standard windows come with double pane glass today, which is a good thing for your home. Not only are there two panes of glass, but there is also a space between those panes. That space is generally filled with air, which helps to insulate your home. One of the upgrades you can consider for your home, if you have the budget for it and want to make things even more efficient, is to replace the air filling with inert gas. There are two types of inert gas: krypton and argon, and both are denser than air. They are going to slow down and even stop any air that tries to pass through the windows into the home and they will raise the energy efficiency of your home due to their work.

Window Sashesreplacement windows in Portland OR 3 300x211

Window sashes are the part of the window that operates together. On casement windows, there is only one sash. The whole thing swings out and away from the house when you crank the window open. On double hung windows, you have two sashes. Both the upper and lower sash can move up or down when they are opened. In single hung windows, one of those two sashes is going to be stationary while the other one moves.

There are lots of other terms to learn in relation to replacement windows in Portland, OR, but the professionals can help explain anything to you that you don’t know about.

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