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What Do Replacement Windows Mean For Your Pets?

Having a pet can be a big deal for a family. They are, often, like members of the family, right? So if you have a fur baby in your house, there might be things you do for them or, at the very least, with them in mind. If you are getting replacement windows in Wilsonville, OR, you aren’t doing so for your pet, but there are things you will want to keep in mind as you move forward that pertain to your pet. Replacing the windows can end up meaning a lot to them, too. Here’s how:

Further Safety

You want to protect your furry family member as best you can and when you get new windows, there may be ways you can do that. If your dog or cat loves looking out the windows, you might be worried about their safety. What if they leap at a bird and jump through the screen? You can protect them from that with double hung windows on the second story. You can open the top part and leave the bottom part closed so they won’t fall out.

More Sunlight

Most furry friends love to bask in the warm sunlight in the afternoon for a nice nap. If that sounds like your pet, they’re really going to love the new windows. New windows, even if you get the same style, will let in more light. Frames are smaller and lighter today, leaving more space for glass and allowing in more light. If you add extra windows or do other things to let in even more light, they’ll love it even more.

Easier Cuddle Time

The summer months can heat up and that might mean you don’t feel up for a cuddle with your furry pet, as you normally would. Their fur is hot and it doesn’t do anything to cool you down. But when you have new windows, the temperatures remain even and cool, just where you want them. You are going to be up for more cuddles when you aren’t hot at your house.

Remember The Installation Process

If you move forward with new windows, make sure you remember your pet, especially around the installation process. Having people in the house they don’t know and loud noises can be very scary. You might want to find them another place to stay for the day or, at the very least, place them in the laundry room or in another safe location without windows where they can feel as secure as possible.

These are a few ways that replacement windows in Wilsonville, OR could impact your furry family member. The professionals at Advanced Energy Services want everyone in your family to appreciate the results after you get new windows. You can call us to get started on a free consultation and we’ll go from there. We want to consider all of your goals, your budget, your family members (furry and otherwise), and everything in between to find just the right windows for you.

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