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These Signs Mean Replacement Windows Are Imminent

As your home ages, there are plenty of home improvement projects that can pop up as necessary. Some things, like the HVAC system, can completely stop working. Others, like your need for replacement windows in Tualatin, OR can sneak up on you a bit more. Windows are an important part of any home and you will want to keep an eye on yours, so you notice when replacements are imminent. These signs will tell you that replacing the windows is something you need to do rather soon.

Sign 1: The Windows Are Hard To Open/Close

Windows should slide open with ease or crank out simply. But if your windows are hard to open, and then close later, they might be warped because of age. When the warping starts, it’s not going to get any better. In fact, it’ll only get worse. Getting new windows is the only thing to fix it. And you want windows that operate. Both for ventilation and safety reasons.

Sign 2: Drafts Are Prevalent

If you feel like there’s a constant draft in your home, and you don’t have a fan on, it’s likely coming from the windows—and that’s not a good thing. Windows are supposed to insulate your home and protect it from the outside elements. If air is freely moving back and forth between your home and outside, it’s costing you a lot of money on energy. Get new windows to seal things up again.

Sign 3: You Can See The Damage On The Windows

There are some things you can fix, but if you see visible damage on your window’s glass or frames, there may not be anything you can do outside of replacing them. Windows are an important part of the structural integrity on a home, so you want them to be in good condition.

Sign 4: Replacement Parts Are Hard To Find

If something breaks down on one of your windows, you might want to try and replace that one part instead of the whole window. But if replacement parts are impossible or nearly impossible to find, the windows are obsolete. The parts are only going to get more scarce and more expensive and your old windows are more likely to break down as time goes by. It’s better to replace the windows for ones that won’t need new parts any time soon.

Sign 5: The Energy Bill Is Climbing

Energy bills shouldn’t go up faster than energy prices, but in a home with older windows, they very well could. If you notice your bills getting higher than you are comfortable with, new windows can certainly help bring them back down to a nice, low level.

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