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Replacing The Windows In The Bathroom

When you need replacement windows in Portland, OR on your home, every room matters. You will want to consider the needs in space in relation to style, lighting, ventilation, and so on. But while you might be able to choose a certain window style and have it work in most of the house, you will want to pay special attention to the bathroom. This is a room that has specific needs that you are going to want to meet with your new windows. Here are some windows that can help you to reach the goals you have for that space.

High Sliding Windows For Privacy

You want natural light in the bathroom to be able to see what you really look like in the morning, as painful as that might be, but you also need privacy at all times. While you can cover any window you get, that doesn’t let in as much light as you might want. Putting sliding windows, which are like double hung windows on their sides, high up on the walls, can help with the issues. These windows slide side to side to open and when they are high on the wall, say above a bathtub, they let in natural light, but they keep your privacy in place at all times.

Light From Above With Skylights

Bathrooms don’t always have a lot of wall space for extra windows, so skylights can be a great answer to that problem. When you put a skylight into the ceiling, you still have privacy, but you also get natural lighting coming in from above. It can be a nice way to meet needs in the bathroom with ease.

Casement Windows To Help Light And Ventilate

Casement windows can fit into any room of the house, including the bathroom. These windows are the most popular when it comes to bringing in light and allowing ventilation. They have just one sash that swings out and away from the house when it opens. That can catch the breeze and bring it into the space, which is great for airing out a bathroom after a hot shower. Since there’s no interruption to the glass, you get a lot of natural light from them, too.

Double Hung Windows With The Bottom Half Coveredreplacement windows in Portland OR 4 300x164

Double hung windows are another popular option and since they have two sashes, you can even use them to address privacy. On these windows, you can open them from the bottom up or from the top down. You could leave the bottom closed and put a covering over it, to save your privacy. The top, then, you could leave open for natural light and ventilation options.

When you are looking into replacement windows in Portland, OR every room of the house is important, but the bathroom has specific needs you are going to want to consider and think through when you look at the various options for window styles. Talk to the professionals about the options and you can find something that works well.

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