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Danger Of Too Much Wetness In The House

Does your house have a heavy, wet feeling to it? Even when it’s closed up and the air conditioning is running? That’s not comfortable and it’s not a good sign that your house is in good working order, either. You are going to want to figure out the issue and fix it. You can run dehumidifiers and that can help, but you might want to check your windows and see if you need replacement windows in Portland, OR. If your windows are leaking air, they could be letting the humidity in and the best way to fight it is to get new windows installed. Here are some of the dangers you might have in your home if you let that damp nature stay put.

Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew are not only unsightly, but they can be dangerous. They are hard to get rid of and they like to spread. They also situate themselves in dark places so they can be hard to find. Mold is downright dangerous to your health and it’s the last thing you want in your home. Even if you spot it and clean it up, if you don’t change the home’s conditions, it’s just going to come back.

Water Damage

Water doesn’t seem like it would cause much damage, but if you leave it sitting anywhere for too long, it will. You might see water stains on your walls, ceilings, floors, or around the windows. It can cause a stain and other issues behind those areas. It’s hard to rectify and, again, once it starts, even if you clean it up, it’ll come back again if you don’t remedy the root cause of the issue.

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When water gets into wood, it can rot the wood and once rot settles in, there’s nothing you can do to keep it from spreading. If your windows let too much moisture into the home, you might find rot in your floors, siding, windows, and other wood around the house. You can’t do anything but replace the wood once it is rotting and you certainly don’t want to have to do that again, so it might be time to address the windows and stop the moisture in its tracks.

Older windows have a tendency to leak air. When it’s humid outside, that means that humidity can get into your house along with the regular air. You might feel like it’s hot in your home, or at least stuffy. Your dehumidifier might be running overtime trying to keep up with the level of moisture in the air. When those things are true and you are running dangers of having too much wetness, figure out whether it’s your windows that need help or something else that might be going on. Contact the professionals and have them come assess your home. They won’t tell you that you need replacement windows in Portland, OR unless that’s what they would do if they lived in your home. Then, the decision is yours from there.

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