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Comparing Replacement Window Frame Options

One of the first decisions you have to make when you want to get replacement windows in Tigard, OR is what frame material you are going to have on the windows. There are a variety of choices and it’s smart to think about the pros and cons of each before you move forward with any other choices. Think about the following things as you figure out the details.

Consider The Pricing Levels

Frame materials each have their own pros and cons, but you will have to consider the pricing levels of those materials as well. Even if there’s one material you like, you may not be able to afford it. Look at your budget and look at the material prices and see what fits. That might help you move away from certain materials and more towards the ones you can afford. If your budget is large enough, you don’t have to worry about ruling anything out and you can move on to other ways of choosing.

Look At Efficiency

When you get new windows, it’s smart to get whatever you can in efficiency. Frame materials are going to give you a huge benefit in the efficiency region. Most window frame materials are pretty efficient, but some are going to be better than others. Two of the most popular (and more efficient) materials are vinyl and wood. Compare those two to one another and look into efficiency deeply so you will be happy with the results.

Remember Maintenance

Different materials are going to take different levels of maintenance. You want to be sure you are okay with chores you will have to take on with that particular material before you get it for your windows. Wood windows, for example, have to be maintained regularly. They have to be painted every year or two in order to keep their level of insulation and efficiency. Not to mention they look better when they are freshly painted. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, can’t be painted and don’t need that chore. You can rinse and wipe them down to clean them of dirt, but that’s about all you have to do.

Style Is Importantreplacement windows in Tigard OR 1 300x211

The window style you get is important and the frame is going to add onto that style a great deal. There are some homes that simply look better with wood frames and others that can handle vinyl materials. Look at your home’s style, its era, and try to match the frame material to what works best with it.

If you are looking into replacement windows in Tigard, OR, one of the largest decisions you have to make is also the first decision you will face. You will have to figure out what frame material you want and you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Have a free consultation with the professionals at Advanced Energy Services to get ideas as to what might be best for your home. We can help you go over the benefits of each material and choose what’s right for you.

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