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Are Horizontal Replacement Windows For You?

There are a lot of exciting things about getting replacement windows in Tualatin, OR. You will probably be most excited about the energy savings and the smaller bills you will get. But the process itself is also quite exciting because you can make changes to how your current windows operate and how your home looks as a result. You might get a different material, for example, like vinyl instead of wood. You might also change the frame color. And you can even go with a different style. One of the styles you might not have in your home already is a horizontal sliding window. Is that a good option for you?

Picture windows are great for efficiency, natural light, and for seeing the view outside your home. But their downside is that you can’t open and close them. If you have a picture window in one room of the house and you’d really like to be able to ventilate as well, you might consider a sliding window that sits horizontally on the wall. These windows are like double hung windows placed on their sides. They are wider than they are tall, and they often fit into spaces where picture windows once were.

You have options with sliding windows, as well. You can get a slider, which opens on just one side (like a single hung window), or a double slider, which can open both directions (like a double hung window). Both styles let air flow through your home, and you will want to think about what would work best to meet your particular goals.

Sliding windows are also good to add to a home if you have a space that needs a window. They work well in bathrooms, like above the tub. You can put them high up on the wall so they don’t get in the way of your privacy, but you can open them for ventilation in that room, which often gets stuffy, whenever you need to.

Sliding windows are great additions to a long, dark hallway if there’s a wall that faces outside. You can get more light into a narrow space by going with something horizontal.

If you are considering replacement windows in Tualatin, OR and there are changes you want to make to your current set up, the professionals at Advanced Energy Services are here to help. Call us at (503) 563-6866 and we can come out and assess your current windows and offer our advice. Tell us about your goals, whether you want more light, further ventilation, or a change in style for aesthetics. We can help line you up with the right options for your project. You can also visit us in person to start to take a look at the choices in our showroom. We’re happy to have you visit 9150 SW Pioneer Ct Ste D Wilsonville, OR 97070 to look around, get ideas, and start thinking through the details of what you want for your home. You can also visit our website for information at

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