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All Windows Or One Window?

You will have to make a lot of decisions about your replacement windows in Wilsonville, OR when you decide you need them. However, one important decision to make upfront is whether you will get all of the new windows installed at once, or if you will just get one or a few at a time. While there’s no right or wrong way to go about the process, it’s definitely in your best interest to get all of the windows at once. There are many reasons why this is generally the best course of action:

Instant Curb Appeal

Sure, you want your home to look nice, but it will take a lot longer if you just install one window at a time. If you want your home to look nice right away, put all of the windows in at once and you get that fresh look you’ve been wanting right away. If your home’s curb appeal is lacking, putting in just one or two windows isn’t going to help. You’ll have to wait until they’re all in to see a real change.

One-Time Installation

How many times do you want to have to disrupt your life for installation? It can be noisy and there’s going to be some dust your home wouldn’t have otherwise. Once is one thing, but going through that installation over and over again as you add more new windows can be a real pain. Get all of the windows at once and it’s a one and done situation for installation.

Cheaper Per Window

It might be a bit of a sticker shock to see the bottom line when you get all of the windows at once, but at the same time, if you do a little math and compare just one window at a time, getting them all at once gives you a cheaper price per window. It’ll end up being a better deal, plus you only have to pay for installation once as well, which cuts the costs down even further.

Immediate Energy Efficiency

Putting one window into your home will help your energy efficiency levels, but only a small amount. Putting in a house full of windows will revolutionize the efficiency and lower the bills a great deal all at once. You can start to save up for another project or pa yourself back for this one.

If you are looking forward to having replacement windows in Wilsonville, OR, but you aren’t sure if you should do the whole house now or a little at a time, talk to the experts at Advanced Energy Services for advice. This is your project and, in the end, you get to do whatever you want with no pressure from us. We can show you the pros and cons of each course of action and you can choose which direction to take from there. Call us at (503) 563-6866 and we’ll get you in for a free consultation whenever works for you. Visiting our showroom also helps at 9150 SW Pioneer Ct Ste D Wilsonville, OR 97070.

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