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A Few Types Of Replacement Windows To Consider

Most people are going to choose either casement or double hung windows for the replacement windows in Tigard, OR they put onto most of their home. But there are a few areas in the house that might call for something different. Or, if you want to make changes, now is a good time to do just that. Here are a few special types of windows that can help you to get everything you need from your home, along with some extra style.

Picture/Stationary Windows

Picture windows are generally larger and let in a lot of natural light. They don’t open or close so they don’t let in any air and are the most efficient window on the market. They can also bring in plenty of natural light. You can place them in a room with a good view and a large wall. Stationary windows can be of any size. They, like picture windows, don’t open and close, but they are often smaller. You might have a bank of four windows, for example, but you only open the outer two windows. You can place stationary windows in the center spots for more efficiency.

Bay Or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are very special and can actually add space to the home in certain locations. These windows bow out of the house and give you views from different angles. You can get the efficiency you want while adding style and elegance to the interior of the house. You also get a new sense of architectural interest, both inside and out. These windows are very popular today and they are a classic style that won’t go off trend.

Shaped Windows

Most of your windows are going to be rectangles, but there might be a special location that calls for something unique. You might want an octagonal window in that dark hallway or an oval above the front door. There are a variety of unique shapes that you can consider to bring in more light and style and showcase your home’s differences from others.

Garden Windowsreplacement windows in Tigard OR 3 300x200

Garden windows, like bay and bow windows, jut out of the house. They are a box-like window that has glass on all sides. Since they jut out of the home, they bring in a lot of natural sunlight and make a great spot for an interior garden. You can place herbs, flowers, and other things you want to grow in that window and watch them thrive. Having herbs in the kitchen that you can use any time fresh off the plant can make your meals that much more delicious.

When you decide to get replacement windows in Tigard, OR, there’s nothing wrong with going for standard options, which are going to work great for your home and bring you further efficiency and other benefits. But it’s also a good idea to consider special windows in certain locations to make your house everything you want it to be once this project is completed and the windows are installed.

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