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New Window Installation and Replacement

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new window installation energy efficient double hung window replacement and installation services in the Portland OR metro area by Advanced Energy ServicesWindows add character to homes and help shelter families from the elements while allowing the sun to shine through their clear glass panes. By establishing a home’s style windows enhance its principal architectural details. New window installation and window replacement will beautify your home and make it more energy efficient . With a little research on the part of the homeowner, understanding the elements of the newer windows on the market along with their functionality, environmental specifications, and styles offered to contribute to the decision. View our window products page to see our selection of new and replacement windows.

Reduce Your Energy Bills with New Windows

Signs that the windows are not energy efficient are easily exposed in high utility bills that keep increasing with each passing winter and summer months. Replacing the old windows with new windows can reduce monthly energy bills. The experts agree there are definite indications that support the demand to replace a window. Several things need to be looked over when considering if an existing window needs to be replaced.

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Do Your Windows Need to Be Replaced with New Windows?

Do they have…

  • Damaged and rotten wood frames
  • Broken glass or torn screens
  • Rotten seals and weather stripping that allow water leaks and cold air to seep in
  • Defective and damaged latches or locks that can pose a safety and security hazards
  • Signs of moisture from damaged glass or frame that is causing mold and rotting wood
  • A window that is painted shut or just tough to open
  • Windows that have been painted with lead-based paint found in homes built before 1978
  • Customize Your New Windows
  • Energy efficiency to keep the cold out in the winter and the cool in during the summer
  • Less expensive utility bills that also save wear and tear on HVAC units
    Vinyl, fiberglass or wood windows
  • Well-sealed double or triple paned windows to keep moisture from developing mold in windows and walls adjacent to window
  • Updated latches and seals for easier opening and closing of windows
  • Efficient functioning windows that are aesthetically appealing to fit any renovation project
  • Professionally Installed New Windows & Window Replacement

After choosing windows to replace your existing or that fit into the renovation plans, the professional installer with Advanced Energy Services will come with a crew to begin installing the new window replacements. The crews will lay down drop cloths to protect the areas around the removal of each window both inside and outside of the building. The new windows will be brought in and matched by room according to the replacement ordered.

Professional Window Replacement

As the crew progresses with the removal of the casings and windows, the installation crew will bring the new windows. If there is any damage around the openings left by old defective windows, repairing the damage is necessary before the new window is installed. As the installation of the windows is completed, the exterior trim for the window will be mounted. This trim ensures a close-fitting seal to keep the elements of the weather out (this may be an optional service not offered by the installer). Our installers will sweep the dust out of the house from the installation then test the new windows leaving the family to enjoy the warmth of their cozy draft-free home. Contact us today for your new energy efficient windows.

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