SolarWorld SunModule Protect Solar Panels

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The new Sunmodule® Protect series is the latest addition to the SolarWorld range. It has set new benchmarks when it comes to service life, mechanical durability, degradation behavior and its groundbreaking performance 30-year guarantee and also meets and exceeds all industry standards and certifications.


Positioned between glass on both front and back, solar cells are optimally protected against environmental factors such as water intrusion. Cells also are less susceptible to shear stress, thereby reducing cell breakage. Even with a second pane of glass, Sunmodule Protect solar panels remain lightweight, at about 46 pounds – the same as the Sunmodule Plus glass-film panels. They include the same sturdy aluminum frame and reliable junction box with connectors. Therefore, the Sunmodule Protect is compatible with the same traditional mounting systems as the Sunmodule Plus.

  • .35% annual degradation with 30-year linear performance guarantee
  • Energy-yield-over-service-life ratio substantially exceeds that of conventional glass-film panels
  • Embedding the cells in glass-glass ensures optimal protection against mechanical loads and environmental factors
  • Same weight and dimensions as the Sunmodule Plus and compatible with standard mounting systems
  • Stable aluminum frame for easy mounting
  • Reliable junction box attached at the rear

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