SolarWorld SunModule Off-Grid Solar Panels

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Our Sunmodule® Off-Grid solar panels also follow the same stringent quality requirements as our on-grid solar panels and are designed for safety, and durability in off-grid applications.

With over 30 years of experience in off‑grid solar applications – SolarWorld delivers top products and technical experience at the highest levels. Our solar panels are installed in over 100,000 Telecom/Industrial systems worldwide. Nobody else comes close.


  • Designed for battery systems
  • The wide frame and its flat surface, even where the glass and frame intersect, improve the self-cleaning capability of the Sunmodules and prevent performance losses caused by deposits of dirt or other contamination
  • The cabling of our off-grid modules is simple and safe thanks to the splash-proof connection socket. High-quality, spring-type clamps enable quick and secure wiring without special tools

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